Upon the start of the year 2007 the plozonies under the command of northern Plutonian warlord, Danacus, launched a long-time planned invasion of the planet Earth. Both worlds became extremely dangerous and heavily damaged by the countless battles that occurred over the years. The plozonies thought a quick surrender would be in effect considering their frost manipulation abilities. However, little did they know just how resilient the humans were, resulting in an indefinite war. Despite their strong connection and collaboration with their partners from Earth, the Skorpion organization, they remained outmatched due to the cross-dimensional dominance movement group being mostly unorganized, weakened, and frequently infiltrated by a third party without their leaders.

As the years went on, Danacus’ plans were somewhat successful. The humans declared war on the Plutonians but the Plutonians never did. It was merely an educational test to better understand human capabilities and their battle tactics. For what was to come ahead, the plozonies had much bigger aims. That all changed in 2019 when a meteor forecasted to land in the Atlantic Ocean hit the edge of Dullsville, Kentucky, in the United States. The impact crumbled a decent amount of local infrastructure including the military base used to defend the city against the alien invaders. Up to that point, the city had only suffered from one outer world interference back in 2014.

The Moon Stone Warriors, a private militia and non-profit organization based in the forests outside of Dullsville, took control of the meteoric area and kept its truth secret from the media. Hearing about the incident, the Plutonians went to Dullsville and raided it to learn more about the meteor but that was when they were faced with the one thing that could potentially pose a threat - dragonights. Dragonights are creatures infused with dragonite crystals which enables them supernatural abilities based on what crystal lives within them. While the plozonies are familiar with the existence of dragonights and their core power, they are certainly not ready for such a battle.

The truth was that the meteor had a dragonite core and upon the crash impact, some of the crystals shot out hitting a small group of friends who had just left the military base with their Stone Warrior friend. These people became a light to humanity as they could fight back against the invaders in a way the military alone could never do. But at the same time, they were just teenagers with newly discovered powers unready for what they would face. Under the guidance of their Stone Warrior friend, they formed a group with legitimate plans and within less than two months, they had the honor of meeting and fighting Danacus himself. A fair duel to personally test their true strength in which in a victory he would retreat, a duel which despite Danacus being professionally trained, had lost.

He had kept his word blindly and retreated solely himself leaving all current plozonies behind on Earth to follow their missions. The sudden stop of incoming aliens made the small dragonight group worldly recognized as heroes. But tests are tests and this was also just one of them. Danacus retreating meant he had a reason to leave and build on his true plans for the future, a reason to fake defeat so the world starts to forget their existence and strike when they least expect it. Not only did this give the humans hope but it also meant the plozonies would be fully prepared the next time they show their faces on Earth. Next time, however, they will not be alone and next time the Plutonians will declare war. The next time is very near…

5 years later, this is the year 2024. Crime rates are immensely increasing and reports of Skorpion activity are as high as ever. This is the year Danacus returns. This is Dragonights, the TV series.